Youtube mulai testing messenger secara diam-diam

Wired melaporkan bahwa YouTube sedang menguji "native sharing" sebuah fitur baru mulai hari ini. Ini dasarnya layanan pesan yang tinggal tepat di dalam aplikasi seluler YouTube dan memungkinkan Anda untuk berbagi video YouTube native di window chat.

Your friends can then reply via text or with another video, and there’s even a ‘heart’ button for messages and clips, because social. That said, don’t expect other messaging features like sharing images or sending stickers – this is purely about YouTube videos.

Still, it’s a useful feature; sharing YouTube videos on mobile normally involves a lot of copy-and-pasting and switching between apps; the new sharing feature should make it much easier to discuss videos on the fly, and gives you one more reason to never leave YouTube.

That said, it does put the future of Google+ further into doubt; having a chat service built into YouTube gives people one less reason to use Facebook’s take on a social media platform.
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